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Free Promotion

Posted by JASamuels59 on March 31, 2014 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently discovered I could offer electronic versions of my book for free on Amazon.

I've scheduled April 19th and 20th as "Free" days.  Just look for "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" on Amazon, and on those to days, you should be able to buy it for FREE.


My First Blog Post

Posted by JASamuels59 on February 11, 2014 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

All right, I'm not completely sure what a blog is used for, but I'm guessing it is to help identify what I'm doing on this website, and what I'm writing.

So here goes....

I've seen some pretty strange things during my years working in corporations: Screaming CEOs, employees wantonly violating the law, dysfunctional teams lead by borderline sociopaths, betrayals that would make you suspicious of anyone and everyone.

I've also experienced strong friendships, loyalty, and the pleasure of achieving big goals.

None of these absurdities were obvious from outside the organization. From the outside, the companies all seemed like models of efficiency and professionalism.

None of the bizzare behavior I ran into was something I learned about, or was even hinted at during my MBA years ago.

I gained the experience in the only manner that was available to me -- viscerally, chocked full of emotion, and often I was only able to make sense of them well after the fact. Sometimes quite a long time later.

Somewhere along the line a thought occurred to me -- Why do people have to learn all these painful lessons the hard way? Why isn't there someplace they can go, a resource of some sort that will show me what really goes on in corporations? What would I need to understand the corporate world, be prepared for it, and maybe even skillfully handle its curves as they were thrown at me?

The answer was simple -- I needed to benefit from the experiences of those that came before me.  There is nothing new under the corporate sun -- in fact, most if not all of my experiences someone else saw at some earlier time.  If I'd just had a simple and straightforward list of the lessons I needed, with enough associated context to be able to see how they might connect to what was happening to me, I would have been vastly better prepared for my career's twists and turns.

My answer to that need is this book: LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY.  Click here to find it for the Amazon Kindle.  Click here to find it in" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">paperback from CreateSpace.